Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. For any additional questions please contact us.

What is the US Am Tour?

US Am Tour is the best amateur golf tour in North America.  US Am Tour provides an authentic TOUR-style tournament golf experience to players of all ages and abilities, allowing golfers to compete with others at their skill level, gain access to top courses in their area and across the country.

Who can join?

Membership is open to everyone who loves to play competitive golf. US Am Tour offers 12 flights.  Whether you’re an accomplished scratch player or a higher handicap, there’s a place for you on the US Am Tour.  Players can join at 

Am I good enough to play on the US Am Tour?

Absolutely. There’s a spot for you. US Am Tour offers different flights based on skill level and, when prudent, by age.  You’ll only be competing against players of the similiar skill level.

Which flight would I be placed in?

We offer 6 Open flights for under the age of 50 and 6 Senior flights for those over 50.

What does membership include and how much does it cost?

Memberships are valid for 365 days from the date of registration for $139.  Memberships include the ability to compete in TOUR-style quality, professionally-run golf tournaments in more than 50 cities across the U.S., and Puerto Rico. There will be approximately 700 local tournaments and more than 20 Major Championships each season. Membership does not include entry fees to individual tournaments which vary based on tournament location, time of year, number of rounds and venue. 

Memberships will renew annually after expiration at a reduced rate of $99

How can I sign up for a membership?

Sign up online at or contact your the Tour Director in your area to learn more.

Once I register, how long does it take to receive my Member Pack item?

Member pack will be processed and shipped individually to the player address listed in their profile.  Shipments are sent within 30-60 days from date of registration. For questions, contact customer service at

What does it cost to play in each golf tournament and what is included?

Entry fees for each event vary based on tournament location, time of year, number of rounds and venue. Check your Local Tour schedule for more information. Entry fees are typically inclusive of green fees, cart fees, taxes, use of practice facility, scoring, player prize fund, and trophy to the champion of each flight. 

I have a question about a tournament – who should I contact?

Please contact the Tournament Director with specific questions about events. Contact information is listed on the “Info” page for each tournament.

When and where are the tournaments held?

Tournaments are in cities across the U.S. throughout the year, and most tournaments take place during weekend days (either on Saturday or Sunday or both). View full schedules at your local tour page on

How are US Am Tour events operated?

Each US Am Tour tournament is designed to provide a quality Tour-style experience and are hosted on the best public and private courses utilizing professional scoring. All players are announced off the first tee and the top finishers in each flight win prizes and trophies. All US Am Tour events abide by USGA© Rules of Golf including those rules pertaining to amateur status. Additional tournament information can be found in the official Tour/Player Handbook.

How many tournaments do I have to play?

Members can choose to play in as many tournaments as they wish – there are no requirements. There are eligibility and qualification requirements for the National Championship. Information on qualifying and eligibility can be found in the Tour/Player Handbook.

Can I play in tournaments outside my local tour?

Yes, absolutely! US Am Tour Players can compete in any local tournament or major championship across the country. Entries for these events are on a first come, first serve basis. The only tournament that requires eligibility and qualification to play is the National Championship.

How do I register for tournaments?

You can register for tournaments via the official US Am Tour website,, or by contacting the Local Tour Director in your area.

Does playing on US Am Tour affect my amateur status?

No. US Am Tour conforms to USGA® rules regarding Amateur Status, so it will not affect your amateur status.

Are guests allowed to compete in US Am Tour Tournaments?

If you are interested in playing on Tour, please contact the Tour Director in your area.  

Am I required to have a USGA Handicap Index?

No.  Any player can sign up and compete in the Championship Flight.  If you have an active USGA Handicap Index that we can verify we will use that to initially flight you.  There are many options for handicaps depending on area in which you live. Some of the popular ones are GHIN and GolfNet.  For more information on handicapping, click here.

If I have an existing handicap (i.e., GHIN®, EZLinks, etc.), can I import my scores into the US Am Tour Handicap Service?

Unfortunately, no. US Am Tour creates a ‘Tournament Index’ based on your scores shot while competing in US Am Tour events. The USGA® Handicap Index® you track outside of US Am Tour is used to ‘initially’ place you into a flight, but is then superseded by the ‘Tournament Index’ to flight players after one (1) tournament round has been completed and posted.

Where can I view my US Am Tour Index and/or another players US Am Tour Index?

Am Tour Players can find their US Am Tour Index and search for the Tour Index of other Tour players by looking on the official website.

What are the tournament rules?

All US Am Tour events conform to USGA® rules and are generally individual stroke play events at scratch within each flight.  For a complete listing of tournament rules and all US Am Tour flights, refer to the US Am Tour Player Handbook.

What is a Major Championship and do I need to qualify in order to play in one?

A major championship is a competitive, 2-day, 36-hole tournament that typically draws registrants from across the country. Players earn double  Order of Merit Points they would find at a local event, and the top three finishers in each flight, including ties, receive invitations to the National Championship and Senior National Championship tournaments. Players do not need to qualify for Majors, as they are open to all current and active US Am Tour Players. Guests are not allowed to compete in Majors, with the exception of Duel In The Desert.

What are Order of Merit points?

Order of Merit Points are points awarded to tournament players in each flight based on their order of finish. The more events you play, the more opportunities you have to earn Order of Merit Points, which are used to determine qualification for the National Championship. Points carry NO monetary value.

What are the National and Senior National Championships and how do I qualify?

The National Championship and Senior National Championship are 72-hole stroke-play tournaments that take place at the end of the US AM Tour season, and they determine the National & Senior National Champions in each flight. All players competing in the National Championship must be both qualified and eligible.  More information on qualifying and eligibility is located in the Tour/Player Handbook.  

Do women compete on the US Am Tour?

Yes. Everyone who loves golf is welcome to sign up and compete on the US Am Tour.  

How can I get official US Am Tour apparel and gear?

US AM Tour store is online and players can view items and purchase online here.