About Us

The perfect blend of competition and camaraderie

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to provide an unrivaled, immersive, and comprehensive Tour and tournament experience for competitive amateur players of all abilities and ages.

Equitable Flights

Equitable Flights for All Competitors

All events utilize gross scoring as players compete in different flights only against players of similar ability. From our Championship Flight (3.9 handicap or less) to our Tiger Flight (20 handicaps and above), and every flight in between, we’ve got you covered!

The US Am Tour Experience

The US Am Tour operates single round and multiple round golf tournaments across the country at the best public and private venues. Tour Players enjoy camaraderie and compete for bragging rights, Order of Merit points, prizing, and trophies at each event. All season long, points accumulate and the best players from each flight on each local Tour battle for “Player of the Year” honors and National Championship qualifications.

US Am Tour

Who We Are

Our team of established and dedicated Tour Directors strives to provide the best possible experience for our players. We take pride in the way we do things, which is evidenced in the organized, consistent nature of our tournaments and Tour as a whole. Above all, we just care…

Your passion is our purpose.

Who We Are?
  • We care about the structure and integrity of competition.
  • We care about pace of play and the enjoyment of the game.
  • We care about you, your experience, and providing the best possible platform for you to improve as a tournament golfer.


The US Am Tour is an extremely well-run tour that provides quality tournaments at outstanding venues. I enjoy the opportunity to compete for trophies and prizes and have met many competitors who have become great friends. If you love golf and like to compete, you have to join!

Earl T.
Earl T.
Senior Player Flight (4.0-7.9)

The US Am Tour is run in a very professional manner by local & regional tournament directors at top-notch venues. The multiple flights are suited for all levels of players. The camaraderie with players you meet at each event is great & the level of competitiveness is high, so bring your A-game. The tournaments will make you play within your own abilities & tests all aspects of your game. Try and minimize the bad holes and go have fun doing it!

Senior Hogan Flight (8.0-11.9)

The US Am tour is special to me because of the friendships and camaraderie you build with people who love the game as much as you do. With their flight system it opens up competitive golf to all ages and skill levels and drives you to work harder to get to the next level in your own game. We play amazing courses, with great competition and the chance to feel like a pro is what keeps me coming back for more. Thank you US Am Tour!

Championship Flight (3.9 or less)

As a Senior still working full time, playing golf is enjoyable. And playing competitive golf is great fun. But playing golf on the US Am Tour is the ultimate competition for those of us “committed” amateur golfers. Competitive golf helps me to improve and test my golf game against other players of the same age and skill set. That is the unique quality of the USAT. The tournament venues, while varied with both private and public courses, always present challenges. As the USAT is a true Amateur tour, you can set your schedule to include course venues, cities, and regions that you live in or would like to travel to. Qualifying events are never a prerequisite for entry. Friendships are made with your fellow competitors, with genuine respect for each other. The end result is quality competitive golf, with a professional tour staff that makes for the ultimate amateur golf experience.

Senior Hogan Flight (8.0-11.9)

After picking up golf as an adult, The US Am Tour has been an amazing way to learn the game and meet good friends through friendly competition.
My first year on Tour, I placed 2nd in the 20+ flight at Nationals the year my husband took 1st place in the 12.0-15.9 flight. Now, after playing many Am Tour events together, I have improved my game and won my first US Am Tour tournament in Hogan (8.0-11.9)!
Nationals is an awesome week and brings together all of the amazing friends we have made over the years. US Am Tour has become our little golf family, and I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing group!

Hogan Flight (8.0-11.9)

I really like the camaraderie, the courses, and definitely the competition. These parts of the US Am Tour combined with top notch run tournaments has definitely helped me step up my game!

Senior Player Flight (4.0-7.9)

What I enjoy about playing on the US Am Tour is I get to play competitive golf and meet great people that become lifelong friends. Playing competitive golf has truly made me a better tournament player. 10 years ago when I started playing competitively more often I was a 15 handicap and have worked my way into a mid-single digit now and am having a lot of fun!

Player Flight (4.0-7.9)